Barry Jay Yarkon
                                                             American, b.
                                                     New Hempstead, New York USA   
Welcome. I am a digital artist using photography as a component of my practice in the lower Hudson Valley region of New York State.
The overarching theme of my work has been celebration of the fascinating visual world we live in.  My subjects are taken from natural and man-made forms, animals, cityscapes and landscapes; color, textures and patterns.... I particularly seek images that others might pass by; coaxing from the ordinary, something surprising or worth savoring.

In this Portfolio's galleries you will discover both traditional "objective" images and digitally manipulated, "subjective" images. That said, much of my recent work explores the evocative power of creative post-processing and alternative treatments applied to "seed" images that are captured in-camera, in the field, then deconstructed. For more detail, navigate to the Process webpage.
I take great pleasure
in the crafting of these images; which result in signed, limited-edition prints that reside in the collections of discriminating buyers in a number of East Coast states.
Thank you for your interest. 

             Interested in acquiring any of these images as signed & numbered, limited-edition
  chromogenic or giclée prints? Please contact me using the Email Form on the Contact page.
Qualified Art Consultancies and Proposals for Exhibition or Representation are Welcome.

16x20inch C-Print Double-matted and Framed - Barry Jay Yarkon

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