Barry Jay Yarkon

Blog Post with Artist Interview:
   "A Photographer's Adventure"  African Safari Co. & Expeditions, May 31, 2016

Solo Exhibition:
   Portugal– With A Painterly Eye
   The Exhibit/Performance Space at Miranda Vineyard, Goshen CT,  July 4-26, 2015

Art/Photography Group Exhibitions [Recent]:

   Special Recognition award: "Leopard in Moonlight, Botswana"
   6th Annual Animals Exhibition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery,  June 2016

   Special Recognition award: "Praia da Crismina, Pt."
   6th Annual SeaScapes Exhibition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery,  November 2016

   Los Angeles Center For Digital Art [lacda],  December 8th - 31st, 2016
   Snap To Grid:  "
Palettes I, Blue/White/Red, 2016"

   Emerge Gallery & Art Space, Saugerties NYDec. 2nd 2016 - Jan. 2nd, 2017
   Primar(il)y Red:  "
Red and White with Holes, 2015"

   Studio Montclair Inc., Montclair NJ, Feb. 3rd - April 14th 2017
   State of the Art 2017, 19th Annual Members' Exhibition: "
Linha d'Agua Cafe, Pt"

   Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack NY, Jan. 21st - Feb. 26th 2017
   Annual Members' Exhibition, "
Young Dancer, B/W, 2016"

   Garner Arts Center, Garnerville NY, Mar. 11th - Apr. 15th 2017
   First Annual Members' Exhibition, "
Antique Winepress, Pt."

   Woodstock Artists' Assoc. & Museum, Woodstock NY, April 29th 2017
   Little Gems Exhibition & BeauxArtsGala Benefit, "
Young Dancer, B/W, 2016"

   Arts Mid-Hudson, Woodstock NY, June 10th - November 4th 2017
   Art in the Loft Exhibition at Milbrook, "
After the Harvest II, 2015"

   Honorary Mention: "Natya DC Dancers, Sepia Palettte, 2017"
   7th Annual Open Exhibition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery,  Sept 2017

   Special Recognition award:
"Mystical Trio, Sepia Palettte, 2017"
   7th Annual Open Exhibition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery,  Sept 2017

Private Sales:
  New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida

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Portugal– With A Painterly Eye, East Exhibition Gallery

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